Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Release Day + Giveaway!

by F. Leonora Solomon

My newest antho about hot lust on cold days is out!

SNOWED IN is my third anthology with Ravenous Romance, and let's just say the third time must be the charm because I am flushing with post pub joy! Or maybe it is the flush from hot erotica on what has been these very cold New York days.

I am a native New Yorker and I swear I have never felt so cold in the city. My line of work helps to keep me warm, and not in the way you would think--I embrace staying home (warm) editing!

I want to share some of my joy with you, with a book giveaway!

Tell me how you are staying warm on these cold days, and I will help you to stay warm with a copy of SNOWED IN to read under the covers alone or with someone else!


  1. Staying warm is an endeavor these days. I face the chill wrapped up in my Snuggie and clutching a mug of hot tea. I never thought I'd appreciate such a silly thing, but my Snuggie is soft, warm, and just right for snuggling into. Plus, my partner benefits from the warm length when he rubs my feet.

  2. First, let me preface this by saying I live in Southern California -- and I'm a contributor to Snowed In! But, fingerless gloves all the way -- even in the house while typing. Fingerless? Yes, if it's truly cold they don't do a lot of good, but perfect for our more moderate chills.

  3. I felt flushed the entire time I wrote my story Wonky Woopie for Snowed In! It was great fun to write.

  4. Does anyone know where this anthology can be purchased? None of the major eBook sellers (Google Play, Kobo Books, All Romance/Omnilit, etc.) have it available. I have attempted to contact the editor (F. Leonora Solomon) directly, but I have not received a return response in over two weeks.