Monday, August 26, 2013

The Lady Wears Multiple Hats

by F. Leonora Solomon

My sixth anthology for Ravenous Romance HOT SUMMER FLINGS came out this past Friday. This time, I am wearing another hat as an author, my short story, "No Smoking" is part of the anthology. I have blogged before about what it was like for me to embrace the role of editor which was acquired for me much the way I acquire stories. It has become something that feels like a glove for me since words are an addiction for me. Whether it be to edit a story or learn a new language, an addiction. Writing is more like breathing or bleeding for me, so completely necessary to my existence. Yet I had barely written lately, it takes a lot of time to edit. I was constantly working with words, just not my own. Working on my own story was an adventure.

"No Smoking," was inspired by a peripheral experience I had in Paris. When I write fiction it never has anything to do with anything that has happened to me directly. I a) am not clever enough to write about my reality, b) too private to want to write about it and c) prefer to exploit my imagination--take an idea to the exponential. Reality is weirder than fiction, but I prefer to pull something like a rabbit out of my hat out of my imagination.

I had been editing so long, I forgot that I can create. I can put my hands on clay and mold something. This story was not overthought. I simply knew it had to be a summer fling, and went with it. Two friends were beta readers and made suggestions. The final piece is something I am pleased with. The entire of this anthology is pleasing, it made for a good summer fling for its editor!

Who realizes now wearing her hat as an author was not a fling...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Del Carmen is happy to report the sale of her new erotica story, "Hot Summer Nights," to Ravenous Romance for their HOT SUMMER FLINGS anthology, edited by F.Leonora Solomon.  The book comes out September 2013.  Check out its sexy cover.