Monday, January 28, 2013

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

by F. Leonora Solomon

Before I was actually working as an editor, I used to watch Sex and the City, and think how cool it was that Carrie worked at home. It seemed dreamy to me that she would be at home or in a coffee shop working on her latest article or researching it.

That was an indication that this was the right field for me to be in, and believe me, there is NOTHING bad about editing erotica for Ravenous Romance! But at the end of the day it is still work and sometimes even being at home with my MacBook on my lap can be daunting.  Luckily for me as a freelancer, my office is mobile and wherever I make it be; though I work best at home on my MacBook.

Editing is not a bubble.  I am responsible for my authors, the delivery of all the necessary materials to Ravenous, developing ideas for upcoming projects, and making sure they start out as close to perfect as they can be for the copyeditor.

As much as a story might be the most beautiful and sexiest idea, they are all like a woman before she puts on her makeup. Sometimes stories just need a little mascara and lip gloss, and they are good to go! Sometimes they need so much makeup that they look like it took hours to apply and might not be recognized once removed. Being a cosmetologist is artistry, but on a deadline, it is a mixture of art and geting the work done as soon as possible.

Editing has made me a different person.  The world of publishing is not the dreamy existence that I used to think it was as a little girl or as when I was watching Sex and the City.

For me it is a dream come true that I have worked in publishing from so many sides -- as a writer, an editor, and production assistant. I know how things are done and how they need to be done. My work ethic is strong, and I am committed to what I do.

As an editor, I have come to respect the craft of writing all the more, and I think that it is going to make me a better writer when I have the time to write again. I'm compassionate about the things that need to be adjusted in other people's writing, because I recognize the same things in my own writing. I understand what writers are like because I am one.

Working at home is different from working in an office, but it is like being a cowboy. My MacBook is the galloping horse taking me everywhere I need to go.
F.Leonora Solomon is an acquisitions editor at Ravenous Romance.  Her latest anthology, GEEK LUST, was released last month.

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  1. I too dream of working from home, but I would never get out of the house; I would be at my desk all day; and the dogs will never miss me. Plus, when will the cleaning lady ever have time to do her job? Oh, wait, I don't have a cleaning lady. Another wish!