Monday, December 17, 2012


This past Saturday, Santas took over New York City!  They were everywhere...literally. 

It seems that December 15 was SantaCon in the Big Apple.  Hundreds of Santas populated the streets, along with green elfs, white snowmen, sparkling angels, tall trees and even some gift-wrapped gifts. 

SantaCons are planned in 276 locations and 37 countries this year alone.  If you missed Saturday's event, fear not!  Long Island's SantaCon is this coming Saturday, December 22

To register for the Long Island SantaCon, click here.

You must dress as Santa, in full regalia; a Santa hat alone does NOT count. If you want to dress different, use your imagination and try going as a gingerbread man or woman. How about a reindeer or a snowflake? Again, use your imagination.

NOTE:  SantaCons are not pub crawls.  The site warns that every time someone says that, a poor Fairy dies.  That a lot of pubs offer the Santas discounts is another story.  (Those poor Fairies must be dropping like flies.)

Here are some more pictures from the NYC SantaCon.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays! --maria



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