Sunday, September 11, 2011


By Maria Ferrer

I remember hearing the news from a train conductor as I was riding in to work.

I remember coming out of the train station to find an empty coffee kiosk and people gathered at the corner.

I remember the anger that someone would dare bomb us again.

I remember the pride in knowing the towers were hit but hadn’t fallen.

I remember the black cloud of dust roaring in anger across the sky as first one and then the second tower fell.

I remember the shock, the pain, the fear, the debris, the soot and the long walk home through darkness.

I remember the phone calls from family and friends anxious to know my status.

I remember my own calls to family and friends eager to know theirs.

I remember the lost.

I remember the heroes.

I remember the search posters that papered everything and everywhere.

I remember the roll call.

I remember the two beams of light soaring into the skies on the anniversary.

I remember that I’m proud to be an American.

I remember that there are still men and women fighting for our freedom.

I remember to thank God that I am here and my loved ones are safe.

I remember that I must live each moment as it were my last.

I remember.

Do you?

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