Sunday, August 12, 2012


by Maria C. Ferrer

Last week I attended a JimmyJane products demo at Babeland in Soho, and one of the things that I had to have was one of their massage candles.

Massage candles have always intrigued me since I watched 'Body of Evidence' with Madonna and William DaFoe. She had killed her client with sex and he was the "innocent" family-man lawyer set to defend her, whom of course she seduces. 

In one of their encounters, Madonna pours hot candle wax all over DaFoe. I cringed along with him, imagining the heat of that wax as it burned into his skin. The pleasure-pain of it all was so erotic.

Well, these new massage candles from JimmyJane are wonderful. They can be poured directly onto the skin and will not burn. Instead, they are warm and sensual, as they trickle on your arm or down your back. And for those of you organically minded, they are made from soy and other natural ingredients.

The company has over five combination of massage candles.My two favorites are the Bourbon with its robust, musky, rich aroma; and the Cucumber Water with its soft, fresh scent. 

Note there are other companies that also make slow-burning massage candles, and some folks have even been know to make their own. The maker is a personal preference. Mine is JimmyJane.

I encourage you to try these candles, and let me know which are your favorite flavors.

And, if you have another favorite scene from 'Body of Evidence,' let me know that too.##


  1. Interesting. I'll have to see that movie.

  2. I've never heard of these before. I would give it a try.

  3. No pain, the BDSM community is scratching its collective head. No pain?

  4. The book, Dungeon Emergencies and Supplies, goes into some detail about using the appropriate candles, as some candle ingredients burn hotter than others and can cause serious damage. I guess if you want the pain, you use the other type! These sound glorious. I love the idea. I never saw the movie, however, I may give it a whirl the next time I do. It's up there with Blue Velvet and 9 1/2 Weeks.

  5. Pain is optional! The BDSM community knows that. :-)

    And Lise, I will definitely have to look up that book reference. Thanks! --maria

  6. I've used and made my own candles for years! The best thing about the soy candles is that they are water soluble, so they don't get hung up in body hair...for those who might be concerned about such things. ;-)